10 Actors You Didn?t Know Have Signed Insane Sequel Deals

Now that?s what you call forward planning.

Warner Bros.Warner Bros.

Nowadays, movies are planned out as franchises in advance. Studios will rarely greenlight a blockbuster unless they glimpse some potential in it as a major series ? one that can be stretched and dragged out into infinity until there is nothing left but cries of ?Seriously, do we really need another [insert name of franchise] film?? from audiences everywhere.

Which means that the actors who find themselves as part of said movie franchises are often contracted to appear in multiple pictures for years and years to come ? sometimes a long time before any of the movies have been successful, or at a point when it might seem premature to commit to a franchise that is yet to become a huge deal.

Despite that, some actors will agree to huge sequel deals in advance ? either as something of a career security blanket, or due to studio pressure. In some cases, these deals are well-documented, but some of them are lesser known. Whilst the majority of deals make sense in context, others ? like the 10 mentioned here ? are notably insane.

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