10 Best Pound For Pound Boxers Of All Time


Beer, blokes and boxing. The those three go together like the legendary musketeers and all over the world men have discussed who is the greatest boxer of all time for as long as there’s been boxing…and beer.

Picking the best is a difficult task, particularly in an individual sport like boxing with different weight divisions, different belts and about a hundred years of history to choose from. You could go on just their record of wins and losses, you could choose the best based on the number of belts they won or perhaps pick the best based on the quality of their opposition. Then there’s longevity to consider or mainstream appeal perhaps.

No matter how you look at it, it’s as difficult as being an English football fan during the World Cup (too soon?) but that’s the beauty of boxing. It’s why it remains one of the most popular sports in the world and it’s the reason we at WhatCulture have taken the trouble of sifting through a century of boxing history to produce a list that takes all of the above into consideration.

So get Eye of the Tiger on your iPod, have a read and then prepare to win every pub debate you’ll have about boxing for the rest of the your life…

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Muhammad Ali


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