10 Deadliest Game Of Thrones Characters

Everyone dies, but some people are more responsible than others.

Game of Thrones Deadliest Characters Hound Tormund Jon Snow

All men must die. And women. And children. And, er, goats*. 

When you play the game of thrones you win or you die, but not mentioned is that at some point, you?re probably going to have to kill as well. As such, amongst all of the political machinations, complex characters, cinematic visuals, twists, turns, shocks, and thrills, there?s been an awful lot of bloodshed. 

It?s a kill or be killed world, and you?ve got to do what you can to stay alive, although some characters just seem to take a sheer delight in partaking in the slaughter of their enemies (or alleged allies). 

Who is the deadliest though? Well, it?s not the easiest question to answer. You might assume it?s someone like The Mountain, given the reputation the elder Clegane brother has for cutting down opponents in great swathes and without mercy. However, many of his occur off-screen, so for the sake of this list ? and our sanity ? such kills aren?t included. 

Others are likely to move up the list in time: it can?t be too long before Arya has made her way through her kill list, and picked up a few other victims along the way on her Faceless Man training. 

With all that in mind, these are the deadliest characters in Game of Thrones in terms of on-screen deaths. You can click through to read about the characters and their kills, but we?ve also put together a video just so you can have the visual delight of seeing them all happen. 

*Goats and other animals not actually included. 

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