10 Forgotten WWE Match Types

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Nightstick On A Pole Match? Kennel From Hell? How about the Crybaby Match or Blindfold Match? These are just a few examples of some of the non-traditional contests that have found their way onto WWE programming over the past 30 years. The company that brought us the classic Royal Rumble Match and the Hell In A Cell also brought us numerous match styles and stipulations that have (sometimes quite rightly) been forgotten over the years.

WWE have always tried to keep their product contemporary by updating their matches with unique and entertaining conditions and stipulations. The standard one-fall-to-a-finish pro-wrestling contest can often become vanilla, but by adding certain elements at certain times, matches can feel new and rejuvenated.

You can?t blame WWE for trying, but not all of their attempts at creating unique matches have been successfully made into yearly traditions, like Money In The Bank.

While few would argue that a return of the Kiss My Foot Match would be the answer to WWE?s struggles, there are some other match types that could help improve the current product. Many of today?s viewers haven?t seen all of the different match stipulations that the show has presented over the years, and the company has a chance to make what was once old, new again.

Not all of these matches need to occur every few months or even yearly, but WWE could do worse than to introduce their current audiences to some of these these forgotten classics.

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