10 Insanely Dark Marvel Moments That Will Never Make It To Film

In a world often populated by bright and breezy superheroes and mischievous rogues set on world domination, the Marvel movies of recent years are not afraid to veer mildly on the dark side. But then again, there have been acts committed in comic book tales that are simply no-go when it comes to the big screen.

Despite Marvel Comics often being looked at as one of the safer, more light and kid-friendly publishers out there, that doesn’t mean to say that they don’t like to get dark and dirty when given the chance.

Sure, we’ve seen blood and guts during cinematic outings for the likes of Blade and The Punisher, we’ve had some serious mass destruction and death in the X-Men franchise, and even the Marvel Cinematic Universe has its odd moments of doom and gloom, but there’s a well-established line that any Marvel-based property is eager not to cross.

So whilst Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man quips wise, Chris Evans’ Captain America reminisces about the good ol’ days, and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine takes out another nameless, faceless foe, let’s look at 10 Marvel comic book moments that are just too messed up, too extreme, too taboo, or just too bizarre to make it to the big screen any time soon.

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