10 Most Ridiculous WWE Attitude Era Matches

Ludicrous stipulations weren?t just WCW?s forte?


The Attitude Era was undoubtedly the most exciting period in the modern history of professional wrestling, bringing about a second golden era for the WWF and catapulting them past WCW to dominate the mainstream world. Superstars became household names, storylines were captivating, and Pay Per Views were doing huge numbers.

However, the period had a well-documented dark side. Thanks to the risk/reward strategy favoured by a creative team including the infamous Vince Russo, when things went wrong in the Attitude Era, they did so spectacularly.

Every match on this list is ridiculous for one reason or another; some are ruined by a naturally ludicrous stipulation, while others aimed for an epic atmosphere and badly missed the mark, instead coming across as incredibly silly.

Here are the ten most ridiculous matches of the WWE?s legendary Attitude Era. For the purpose of this article, the beginning of the period is assumed to be King Of The Ring 1996 (scene of Austin?s famous ?3:16? promo) and WrestleMania 17 (the shocking alignment of Stone Cold and Vince McMahon) ? although the timing of the actual dates are hotly debated to this day.

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