10 Radical Ideas To Save The Fantastic Four Franchise

Marvel?s First Family have been kicked in the family jewels on the big screen?


The godawful Fantastic Four reboot (tragically styled ?FANT4STIC? in an effort to look hip by executives that clearly last went to the movies in the 1990s) was a colossal failure in almost every respect last year. Fox clearly ignored the dire warnings in my article of June 2014 detailing pitfalls they should avoid. For shame, Foxes. For shame.

Plagued by on-set issues, post-production trouble and rumours of studio-mandated reshoots, director Josh Trank was pretty much disowned over it ? but not before attempting to disown the film himself, tweeting upon its release that the version we were about to see was not the version he wanted to bring us.

The film made enough money to cover the reported production budget, but not much of any additional costs ? including marketing and all those rumoured post-production and reshoot blues. That was the death knell for Fox?s optimistic release date for the sequel: the company quietly withdrew that in November last year, pretty much putting the kibosh on the continuation of the franchise.

But this is the Fantastic Four. These are some of the most iconic superheroes in the Marvel Universe, and an important part of that company?s legendary history. And, possible minor characters aside, it?s Fox who own the right to make Fantastic Four and X-Men movies? but any failure to continue to make those movies sees the right to do so return to Marvel Studios. So they need to do something, and soon.

With the future of the Fantastic Four on the big screen thrown into doubt, and the comic having been cancelled by Marvel last year, things have never looked bleaker for Marvel?s First Family. Here are ten ways in which they could make a radical comeback in the years to come.


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