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BritMums Live

Taken at BritMums Live 2014 with Mirka of All Baby Advice & Fitness 4 Mamas

I love, love, love BritMums Live, I?ve written about it ever since I started blogging back in 2010, because it has, and always will have, a very special place in my heart. You see I was a finalist in the Fresh Voice Category 4 weeks after starting Honest Mum when the awards were still only online. That nod gave me the confidence to get back on set directing, at a time I felt I?d lost my voice, and ultimately led to me becoming a pro-blogger. So thank you BritMums. 

?More than just awards and nominations though as lovely as they are, BritMums Live is a creative hub which never fails to enrich, inform and stimulate, and in all the years I?ve attended, it?s encouraged me to frankly be the best blogger I can be, to be ambitious and dream big, while importantly, introducing me to other bloggers, helping me to make new friends and long lasting work relationships and all while having the time of my life. Good huh?! 

Here, I?ve listed 10 reasons to attend BritMums. I really hope to see you there! 

1. The fun

First and foremost this blogging conference is FUN. An inspiring event spread across 2 days (Friday and Saturday 19 & 20th June), it?s the perfect way to meet and connect with your readers, followers, friends and of course PR?s too. With wine sponsors to help break the ice, a glitzy awards ceremony on the first night and a warm, welcoming atmosphere (with Butterflies-experienced bloggers to ensure those new to the event never feel lost or lonely), makes it a complete joy to attend. 

2. Making New Friends

As I?ve already mentioned, BritMums Live really helps you to make friends and cements relationships you already have online. It?s really quite amazing to meet those you?ve shared so much of your life with online in the flesh.  Each and every year I?ve attended, has meant meeting bloggers whom have become great buddies and even collaborators and colleagues, as BritMums Live proves time and time again to be the perfect place to connect and collaborate. Many of my projects and blog features were borne from being at BritMums Live. 

3. The sessions

I never stop learning when it comes to blogging and have picked up so many tips and kernels of inspiration from the sessions there, as well as from general chat among other bloggers, you will find your mind swirling, anxious to return to your blog and put your new found knowledge into action.

Scan the schedule and choose the sessions that speak to you the most, and get there early too, as they all fill up fast. Don?t forget your notebook too. I?ve found laptops a bit clunky in the past so like to go old school here. 

The schedule is so varied and diverse there?s literally something for everyone. I, personally can?t wait to hear Ella of Deliciously Ella speak in her live keynote speech, an inspiration to so many of us, she?s certain to inspire. I?m also looking forward to Friday Book Club as I plot a possible book as well the advanced social media session, particularly the YouTube section, and of course I?m really looking forward to sharing my own experience as pro-blogger in the panel How Successful Bloggers Do it.  I hope you can make it. 

4. The Keynote Speeches

Hearing from successful, courageous women is empowering. This year the very talented trio-Ella of Deliciously Ella, Carol Smillie and Caprice will be sharing their lives and pearls of wisdom with us. 

5. The awards

Whether you?re a finalist or not, attending the Bibs 2015 awards, celebrating in your peers and colleagues? success, is simply wonderful. The perfect excuse to glam up if you choose to (I usually change in the luxury downstairs bathrooms at The Brewery), it?s a chance to have a glass of bubbly, kick back and pat yourself and others on the back, award noms and wins, or not. 

6. Connecting With PR?s/Brands

A whole room is dedicated to brands throughout the event, eager to connect with you: bloggers, the real power players when it comes to advertising. However big or small you deem your blog to be, your audience is precious, valued and sought after, so now is the time to get confident (or feign it), hand your business cards out and network. Last year I was approached by a PR who?d done their research on me and pitched to me when we met. That meeting led to a year of working with the brand, and it continues- a long lasting working relationship that started at BritMums Live. 

7. Feeling the Power

Sounds a little bit hippyish but there?s something so contagiously empowering about women and men together over 2 days talking, sharing and promoting their passion for blogging. I promise you?ll leave more excited than ever about blogging as a way to fulfill your creative needs, and your financial ones too, if you choose to. 

8. The Food

I?m a total foodie for those who follow my blog know, so this really matters to me, and BritMums always put on a fabulous feast to keep us energised. Got an allergy or intolerance, then let them know and they?ll accomodate. The cake and coffee stands at break time will make you smile, and breakfast on the Saturday is just what you need after what is usually a booze-fuelled Friday the night before. 

9. The Bloggers Keynote

A chance to listen to the bloggers who have touched, inspired and made you laugh, in 3D as they themselves share their posts with you. There will be cheers, there will be tears. The perfect end to a whirlwind of a conference. 

10. The Goody Bag

Oh and don?t miss the goody bag of the century before you go. Make sure you leave room in your suitcase or bag to fit it in, a huge bag literally bursting with high quality items for you and you family, you won?t leave disappointed, by that or the 2 day event.

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