10 Stunning Displays Of WWE Arrogance

Vince knows best? except when he doesn?t.


Vince McMahon possesses a swagger about him that has been the source of much intimidation for many professional wrestlers. Upon meeting the man for the first time, many claim they were in awe of his sheer presence, and also a little taken aback by McMahon?s physical size. There?s little doubting that Vince is the single most powerful person in North American wrestling, and doesn?t he know it.

For years, WWE have flaunted the fact that they are the top dog in the market. On one hand, there?s perhaps nothing wrong with that. After all, Eric Bischoff decided to shout from the rooftops when World Championship Wrestling held the upper hand for a spell during the 1990?s. Vince is simply doing what everybody else would do, right?

That may be so, but that self-belief and confidence has often given way to sheer arrogance. Stubbornly refusing to push wrestlers his audience want to see, in favour of bashing heads against brick walls and trying to shove others down the throats of fans is just one example. Others include wasting millions of WWE dollars on wacky, inconceivable ideas that serve no real purpose to the core company.

WWE have been responsible for a lot of good things, but it?s tough to overlook when they bring out their arrogance side to the determent of their product?

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