10 Things That Are Inevitable Before WWE WrestleMania 32

?The Devil?s Favourite Demon? will be masked again.


The future of WWE is something that wrestling fans talk about all the time. They want to know what?s going to happen next in terms of who is feuding with who and what title might change hands at what time.

In looking ahead to the future, WWE has a big show with SummerSlam coming up and then the final four months of the year are usually a downtime. Business really picks up from January to March with Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, so there?s a lot of guessing by fans as to what might happen.

If you really think about it, some things are pretty obvious just because of past patterns that WWE has followed. History shows that WWE really doesn?t think apply out of the box thinking too much and that they more often than not will repeat things that worked in the past.

That?s why it?s easy to sit here in August and try to forecast some of the things WWE might do between SummerSlam and the lead up to WrestleMania. They are the inevitable things that WWE will focus on in terms of the storylines while trying to entertain us to the best of their abilities.

Before I get to this year?s ten inevitable things, there will be a look back at the ten thoughts from last year and to see how well I did with them. This is just a way to show that while it may seem easy to predict this stuff, it doesn?t always go according to plan.

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