10 Things That Wouldn?t Exist Without Leonard Nimoy

That?s right: no Spock, no Three Men And A Baby


The world lost a true original this week when Leonard Nimoy, star of stage and screen (and a whole lot more besides), passed away from complications of a lung disease he was diagnosed with last year. He was 83 years old. Nimoy is gone, but by no means forgotten ? his huge body of work and significant influence cause him to be greatly missed, but mean there is a lot to remember him by.

Besides, duh, the highly logical Spock of Star Trek ? the acting job that got him his big break and earned him literally millions of fans across the globe for generations ? Nimoy was a highly accomplished actor in other films, TV work, and multiple stage shows. Did you know he was in an early theatre production of One Flew Over The Cuckoo?s Nest, in the Jack Nicholson role? And looked up to Marlon Brando?

Leonard Nimoy was a real polymath, a true renaissance man whose seemingly boundless creativity spread throughout the arts and on into charity work, the sciences and politics. The man may have become known as Dr Spock, but he went on to leave his mark in any number of fields, and not all of them involved pointy ears.

In fact, you might not realise quite what a legacy the actor has besides his Holmes-alike alien science officer. The worlds of music, films, and even the internet would be totally different had he never been around. Here are ten things that wouldn?t exist without Leonard Nimoy.

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