10 WrestleMania 32 Questions You Most Want Answered

Answers to the biggest questions you?re asking ahead of this weekend.


Well, it?s almost upon us. WrestleMania 32 is nearly here, and while it?s easy (and understandable) to get caught up in all the hype surrounding such a gargantuan event, it?s also important to maintain a critical eye.

It turns out that a few of your eyes are more critical than others, as questions this week include ?How can WrestleMania not end on a sour note? and ?Why is Eva Marie back on the main roster?. This really demonstrates the slapdash feel of this year?s WrestleMania build, with several feuds seemingly thrown together at the last second, and one in particular rejected by the fans. You know which one I mean?

Hopefully, despite all of our worries, queries and concerns, WWE can once again knock it out of the park when it really matters. They?ve done it for the past two years in a row, even when things looked bleak. Hopefully it?s a trend that continues in Dallas.

As always, a huge thank you to everybody who asked questions via Twitter (where you can find us at @WhatCultureWWE).

10. Which Match Will Steal The Show?


@MichaelFarrer92 wants to know which match will steal the show. Usually one of the main events will be the PPV?s standout bout, although it?s hard to imagine Shane McMahon and Undertaker impressing from an in-ring perspective. It?s likely to be a huge spectacle, but light on actual wrestling.

Similarly, while Roman Reigns and Triple H are more than capable of putting on a great bout (in WWE?s signature sports entertainment style), it?s unlikely to set the world alight. The purists will look to AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho as an in-ring classic, but I think one other bout has a better chance of stealing the show in terms of workrate, crowd reaction, and general entertainment.

The Intercontinental Championship ladder match should be a very exciting encounter, full of very capable workers ? many of them very underrated, such as Stardust and The Miz. Should it go on first, it?ll have an even better chance of being regarded as match of the night, boosted by a hot crowd.

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