10 Wrestling Facts We Didn?t Know Last Week (6 March)

The rumour mill is ever-turning, and the news just keeps on coming!


It seems a lot of the uproar surrounding comments made by AJ Lee to Stephanie McMahon on Twitter, criticising her boss for tweeting about women?s rights yet never standing up for the Divas, has died down. Responding to the backlash, WWE have a featured a lot of female-related content on their official website, including galleries, interviews and articles looking back at just how important the Divas are.

Whether a thinly-veiled damage control exercise or not, at least the women are getting more credit, which can only be seen as a good thing. It?s been a huge week in the wrestling world, as always, and so much has happened over the span of the past seven days.

This article aims to look at 10 different factoids and news bites from the past week, looking to provide fans with some little tidbits which might not be well-known, but also generally look at things which weren?t really being talked about last week. There?s a lot to get through, including an interesting piece of news surrounding Wrestlemania X, tag-teams almost getting into fights, revelations about WWE employees dating and even some resentment from fans towards some big WWE stars.

It seems like a week can?t go by without the pro wrestling world throwing up some new and fun facts!

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