11 Things That Happen When You Fall In Love At Work

This filing cabinet was totally made to have sex against.


It might not have happened to you personally, but it?s surprising how many people fall in love at work. The passion someone brings to their job and the way in which they communicate professional ideas can stand as a massive turn-on. It?s no wonder professional relationships often blur into personal ones.

There is a lot of criticism for relationships in the work place, regarding the consequences of a break up, the question of how much concentration you?ll continue to give your career while distracted by that special someone during work hours, and whether you can still remain proficient when your imagination is probably delving into non-work related scenarios. For example, having wild sex all over your bosses desk.

There?s also a matter of remaining appropriate at work: if you?re a big lover of PDA, a work relationship is going to take its toll on you if all you want to do is run over to this new found lover and make out in front of all your colleagues. Because that?s probably not appropriate at all.

While knowing your boundaries are important so as not to affect your work ethic, remember it?s also great to fall in love. And everyone invests a lot of time and energy into working because you spend probably more time making a wage than you do in your own home. So if the time is right and the mood is now, make the most of a work fling.

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