11 Wrestlers Worse Off Since WrestleMania 31

A year in wrestling can be an awful long time?


WWE has succeeded in making this year?s WrestleMania feel like a gigantic spectacle once again. The company may break their all-time attendance record, and their network subscriptions are reaching new heights. Everything seems nice and happy at the moment, except for a select few wrestlers who aren?t feeling as loved as they did a year ago.

No matter what, some talent are going to find themselves in a worse spot at this year?s event. It?s inevitable. Even John Cena doesn?t main event every single Mania when he?s healthy. Some, though, have fallen victim to terrible booking, overexposure, or in some cases, management has just seemed to forget about them.

We?re going to take a look at wrestlers who were on the card at Wrestlemania 31, and compare their spot on the card at Mania 32. The results aren?t pretty. Of course, some are in a better position than they were last year like The New Day, who have become one of the best WWE success stories in year, HHH who amazingly found himself in the main event of the show, and Zack Ryder who received his first non-battle royal role at a WrestleMania in four years.

Talent that wasn?t around for last year?s show like Kevin Owens, Charlotte, A.J. Styles, etc. are left off this list, as their careers have all received far bigger exposure than ever. We?re also going to ignore wrestlers who were at Mania 31, but are now injured, which is sadly a large group: Tyson Kidd, Seth Rollins, Sting, Cesaro, Randy Orton, Nikki Bella, Hideo Itami, and John Cena.

Everyone else, though is fair game. Here are the 11 wrestlers who are definitely worse off from last year?s WrestleMania?


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