12 Awesome Video Games With One Awful Mechanic

Grand Theft Auto IV Roman Niko Rockstar Games

There is no such thing as the perfect game, and considering the enormous complexities involved in crafting AAA titles for mass audiences, it’s none-too-surprising that even some of the medium’s most acclaimed titles have hit stores bundled with one big, annoying caveat for players to deal with.

Either due to poor design, the technical limitations of the era or an unabashed desire to chastise the player for some reason, these infuriatingly terrible mechanics tinged otherwise magnificent games with a sure air of frustration, and ensured each experience fell slightly short of being flawless as a result.

As much as you probably love these games, you likely also hate them at least a little bit, for wasting your time with “artificial difficulty”, making you do needless busy-work, and introducing mechanics that seem wholly antithetical to the rest of the game, maybe even making you rage quit (temporarily) in the process.

Tempted though you might be to let the devs off the hook for their otherwise fantastic work, they must be held to account for letting this one detestable element slip though the cracks.

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