13 Best Scenes From 2016’s Summer Blockbusters

Even though many are already deeming this summer’s movie slate “the summer of disappointment” and box office bombs have not-so-coincidentally been oddly prevalent these past few months, it’s important to remember there has been some pretty amazing moments in some of the tentpoles.

Now, not all of these movies were great or even good (hell, several of them were straight-up disappointing), but they undeniably nailed it during these sequences of intense and sustained action, admirable character work and, well, a certain member of the Pulp Fiction cast pretending to be an orangutan.

Before we transition into Oscar season very soon, it’s important to remember that not everything flopped or sucked as of late, and these scenes alone ensured summer 2016 wasn’t the trainwreck many expected (and possibly hoped) it to be.

Here are the 13 best scenes from 2016’s summer blockbusters…

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