19 Most Mind-Blowing Video Game Plot Twists Since 2000

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You can’t beat a good plot twist – just ask Hideo Kojima. The Metal Gear Solid creator has made a name for himself off the back of upending expectations at every opportunity, and you need only whisper the name “Raiden” to anyone growing up across the 2000s to bring on a cold shiver.

When done right, these twists live on either in infamy or through water cooler conversations for the rest of time. I can say something like “That plot twist at the end of Assassin’s Creed II” and you know exactly what I mean, or “the identity of that character in Batman: Arkham Knight” and you’ll immediately take up residence on either side of the debate-fence.

Pop-culture may point to the likes of Fight Club or The Empire Strikes Back as having the most prolific plot twists of all time, but that’s only because the medium got there first. Gaming has its fair share of earth-shaking humdingers too, and here are 20 of the finest…

Note: Spoilers throughout, recent games covered include The Fall, Firewatch and The Last of Us.

19. Lance Vance’s Betrayal – GTA: Vice City

GTA vice city lance vanceRockstar

A motormouthed fast-talker who surfed a sea of shady deals to get to the top? Yeah, we probably should’ve seen this one coming. It is GTA, after all.

Still, Vance reveals that he’s actually switching sides right when you need him most. The game is coming to a close, antagonist Sonny has returned from Tommy’s past to reclaim some cash he thinks is right his, and at that exact moment, Sonny utters something about how “At least some people know how to do business” and Lance strolls from one side of the showdown to the other.

It’s a real movie moment, and voice actor Philip Michael Thomas lays the venom on thick as he rubs salt in the wound, claiming it’s all about business.

“I sold you out Tommy, I sold YOU out!” Brilliant.

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