20 Best PS1 Games Of All Time

The industry as it stands just wouldn?t exist without Sony?s little grey powerhouse.


The original PlayStation was possibly the most important games consoles of all time. Spawned from the ashes of a dispute between Sony and Nintendo about incorporating a CD drive into the Super Nintendo, the PS1 propelled video games into the realm of 3D graphics, polygons, cinematic storytelling and fully-voiced characters.

Such a seminal role in the games industry has also proven to be a bit of a curse, as its rudimentary 3D graphics haven?t stood the test of time as well as the pretty pixellated games of the consoles that preceded it. But it more than made up for these pitfalls by imbuing titles with narratives, atmosphere, and soundtracks that continue to enthral gamers today.

These games set the scene for many of the legendary games that came out in subsequent years, and in some cases even offered experiences so groundbreaking at the time that modern games struggle to emulate them to this day. The PS1 was a truly special console, and this is a tribute to its greatest gifts to gaming.

20. Parappa The Rapper


?Kick, punch. It?s all in the mind. If you wanna test me, I?m sure you?ll find the things I?ll teach ya is sure to beat ya??. If these lyrics mean anything to you, you?ve most likely already been overcome by a wave of nostalgia for the most innocuous, lighthearted rapper of all time.

Parappa the Rapper was simple and catchy ? a rhythm game that pretty much anyone could play as it was a simple matter of pressing the right buttons at the right time. While the gameplay may look basic, it?s here that the rhythm game genre really started to take hold, so Guitar Hero, Rock Band et al. should all reverently bow before this unassuming hip-hop pup. The cardboard cutout look of the game is irresistibly endearing, and each stage has a unique theme and oddball characters that keep it feeling fresh despite a short length.

Even going back to it today, Parappa?s a sweet, relaxing experience that once you pick up, you?ll happily bop along with right through to the end. While other PS1 games may have captivated you more with their stories or high-intensity gameplay, Parappa was always there to kick back with whenever you felt like it.

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