20 Songs Every Fifty Shades Of Grey Fan Should Hear

The perfect tracks for the sexiest series out there.


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The most anticipated movie of the year is upon us this valentine?s weekend ? one that?s set to cause just as much controversy across the globe as it is to please the millions of fans already out there waiting to see if E.L. James? sultry masterpiece will work on the big screen.

With an accompanying soundtrack to the silver screen adaptation already being pre-ordered thousands of times, the producers have had the option to pick from millions of songs that would create the atmosphere for the story. Each can lend weight to certain characters? inner torments, desires and lustful ambitions, but alongside that it?s worth noting the core themes of the book to compile twenty additional tracks that also help to fit the mood perfectly.

These are the songs that deliver the excitement, the emotion, the pleasure and the pain of love that?s at the heart of the novel itself, and regardless of how accomplished the official release already is, there?s always scope to expand and include a smattering of tracks every fan should hear.

So, from modern day chart-toppers to total love classics from the legends, this list might also help you discover new artists who?ll help you get in the mood for the most romantic time of the year. Which song would you pick to add?

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