40 top tips for moving house with kids

@franrowly tweets britmumsMoving house is exciting ? you can look forward to a new community, new living spaces and new friends. But moving with kids can be stressful for them and you. At our recent #PropertyRoughGuide Twitter conversation, we heard your tips for making a family move easier and more fun.

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How to prepare kids for moving

Try not to get too stressed yourself (easier said than done) and always be positive @MummyTravels

Involve children in the process so that they feel involved @PINKTEEGAN

Make ?Moving house Job Badges? for kids and put them in charge of specific tasks to help them feel involved @BECCICLEARY87

Tell your kids about moving house and let them house view with you @misscherryguest

Borrow age-appropriate books from the library about moving house and read them with your children before moving @misscherryguest

Make a scrapbook of their old home and friends, as moving is sometimes hard for kids to accept @BECCICLEARY87

Here?s my post about top tips for moving with toddlers! https://t.co/9Li0y4sHJF @ourcherrytree

We went round and said goodbye to every room together @missielizzieb

What to have for moving day and the first 24 hours

Packed lunch ready to eat, disposable dishes in a bag, I also had the tea-making facilities in a box in my car @kirankaur1985

Have in your car everything you?d take for a weekend camping! The first couple of days are like that! @angep1969

We always have a takeaway on moving day who needs the hassle of cooking?! @missielizzieb

Toilet roll for when you get the keys to your new house! @cristn_williams

I?d be lost without a kettle! Always keep out teabags, mugs and kettle @missielizzieb

Unpack children?s rooms first when you get to your new house and set up their beds first @misscherryguest

Moving day first night ? make a ?den? in one room with comfy furniture, chairs etc. so there?s one place to relax @jhowze

Toy-moving tricks

I let them pack a backpack to keep with them with a few bits like a favourite book or a toy @KirstyGreer

Load the children?s toys onto the moving van last so they are the first thing unloaded @My_Username_OK

We let our little man pack his own moving box. It made him feel part of the adventure. @MyTwoMums

Let them help pack their precious bits and when in their room they can unpack so they know their bits are safe @Raindaisy5

Don?t forget, kids love to pop bubble wrap, get some extra and let them go to town @SGSquirrel72

Things you?ll be glad you thought of

Try and drop any pets off at cattery / kennels / friends so you only have humans to worry about @misscherryguest

Make a ?Kids Survival kit? with snacks, drinks, wet wipes and nappies (if needed) @BECCICLEARY87

Ensure you have enough sets of keys for new and old houses for all family members who need them @kateonthinice

We keep things like special glassware and the TV in the car with us, just in case @KirstyGreer

Plastic cutlery in bags for everyone @SGSquirrel72

I made sure I had blackout blinds as well. We all needed our sleep the first night! @thesoupdragon44

How to make kids feel at home in their new home

Tweet from Di CokeRy?s friend gave him this book which prepared him. We moved 150 miles when he was 3! https://t.co/YRg6I7DSn1 @SuperLuckyDi

Hang some family pictures up the first night to make the house look homely @lalorraine85

Try not to buy new furniture as familiar items will give them a sense of security @BECCICLEARY87

If they do have to move school, let them visit first, a few times if possible @LDChesterfield

We went for walks around the area prior to moving to find local parks etc to get her excited. @inkedandspeccy

That is hard, as you do feel so stressed yourself. Maybe a special new toy or game as a distraction? @goriami

Order pizzas and ice cream for the children as a treat for the first night in the new house @misscherryguest

My son?s friend is moving away soon, and they have all set up Skype accounts to stay in touch @thesoupdragon44

It is their move too, and they will have their own stresses. Talk to them and involve them in the move @thesoupdragon44

Check what?s going on in the local area, local parks, play centres etc. Make plans for them to look forward to. @PINKTEEGAN

Try and visit with children beforehand, show them pictures and videos on the internet of interesting things to do @Charlotte_jones

Keep positive about the move even if you don?t feel it, otherwise children sense it @goriami

The last word

Always make sure the Sky and broadband are connected before moving day @OMGitsagirl2015

All packed and ready to go https://t.co/qNQrhuIZJp @franrowly

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