8 Cancelled Marvel Legacy Series That The Fans Will Miss

Originating in June 2017, ?Marvel Legacy? was set to be the franchise?s new take on comics; offering soft reboots and super reimaginings for some characters whilst setting the stage for brand new heroes or previously sidelined acts to enjoy the spotlight.

It was a bold and ambitious move, releasing fifty-four series, six one-shots and six limited runs. And yet, as December rolled around, things turned out to be as bleak as the bland winters the UK often experiences. A whopping twelve series have begun, or already achieved, cancellation, presenting the question of where the beloved protagonists of these stories will go.

It?s unlikely they?ll be banished for good, so they?ll probably appear in the background of other stories and events, yet fans of these characters in particular must be devastated to hear that their favourite hero?s time in the sun has already come to an end. Some series could have been considered doomed from the start, yet others won over the hearts of fans and critics alike.

Whether it?s the Secret Warriors or Generation X, or either the U.S or Uncanny Avengers, it?s a shame to see these series go; especially if you?re an avid follower.

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