9 Sequels Trapped In Development Hell (That Will Never Happen)

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We live in sequel rich times, when just about everything that?s ever existed is getting a follow-up; they even made a sequel to Ouija, for crying out loud. Nostalgia is a large driving force in the film business now, where even remakes have gradually morphed into sequels, like Jurassic World.

There still exist some fan favourites that are crying out for a sequel, but no matter how long they spend in development the odds of them happening are depressingly low. In the end, it always comes down to money. Even if a film is a cult classic, if it didn?t hit the numbers the studio wants then a follow-up won’t happen.

Development Hell is the place these phantom sequels linger, where a change of management or the success of a similar movie might  convince execs to move ahead with them, but most likely they’ll stay there. A few movies – like Mad Max: Fury Road or Independence Day: Resurgence – escape, but they’re the rare exception. 

It’s a pity, since a few of these follow-ups sound awesome, while the rest should probably remain trapped where they are.

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