9 Video Games Nobody Wants To Admit Have Aged Terribly

Hitman Codename 47 IO Interactive

Gaming is a constantly changing medium, with every single genre constantly trying to innovate and be the next big thing. And with that ever-present sense of evolution, older titles begin to get more and more out of date until it becomes obvious that their heyday has passed a long time ago.

Some manage to stand the test of time, proving that their mechanics and style will be popular in the face of everything else. However, some games fall behind, just not being able to compare with the modern mechanics present across their respective genres, often feeling outdated and awkward by comparison.

Most of the time, these games were once the pillars of innovation themselves, setting the precedent for what was to come. Their very excellence invited the challenge and incited the improvements that ultimately undid them, subsequently making them somewhat obsolete in comparison to the games of today.

From those whose selling points have fallen far from grace, to those that control like hot garbage, here are nine video games that were once the height of gaming, that no one wants to admit have aged terribly.

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