Adoption and Fostering Round-up: Forever families

adoption fosteringWelcome back to another Adoption and Fostering Round-Up here on BritMums, I?m pleased to be bringing you a selection of posts that I?ve picked from the Weekly Adoption Shout Out, and elsewhere around the blogosphere. 

I?m kicking off today with one of my favourite bloggers. She?s been away for a little while, but now she?s back and I?m looking forward to reading the posts on Permanently in a Pickle. This particular post, paints a family picture in many households.

Moving on, here?s a post from Al at Misadventures of An Adoptive Dad, explaining that period of growing into his position as dad. It?s takes time to shift from feeling like a babysitter to feeling like a parent, and that?s described brilliantly here.

It takes time for some of us to feel like a parent, but it also takes time for our children to learn that they?re not moving on, and that they?ve found their forever family. Which Mummy and Daddy? is a post by 2 New Girls that shows that fear, the fear of a four year old.

On Adopting Safe Mummy Ways, a list of things that Safe Mum just can?t believe ? a list made in honour of the first thing her daughter said at the beginning of introductions. I think many adoptive parents can identify with this list too.

It?s Just a Box of Rain is a fairly new blog to me, but I?m enjoying reading the posts. This Microblog made me smile, partly because I recognise some of it after bringing home our daughter and introducing her to our son, but mostly because of the gorgeous photo. Do take a look.

In my research for blog posts to include in this round-up ? I stumbled upon this blog called Chocolate is not the only fruit. I?m including here a link to a letter written to an older brother upon the adoption of his new little brother. It?s beautifully written, I hope you think so too.

And another new-ish blog here?I love the title of it ?But All Kids Do That?, in fact I?ve written a post very similarly titled myself! But in this post, mum is feeling a bit un-therapeutic and I know at times I?ve been in the same place?often in fact. Can you relate as well?

Finally, a bit of a seasonal post from The Quirky Parent, a brilliant blogger (and author) who happens to be an adoptive mum. This post about butterflies made me smile as we currently have a jar of caterpillars that Nanna asked us to look after and set free whilst she?s on holiday. Have you ever had a go at this with your children?

That?s it for this month, but if you want to read any more blogs on adoption or fostering then check out the Weekly Adoption Shout Out linky on The Adoption Social each week. And if you know of any other adoption or fostering blogs that haven?t been featured here then please do let us know.

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