All Those Rumours About Who Scoot McNairy Was Playing In Batman V Superman Were Wrong

Latest reports suggest something totally different.

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If you thought that Scoot McNairy was going to be playing a 38-year-old Jimmy Olsen (come on now) in Batman V Superman, you were wrong ? according to Latino Review, at least. They?ve been right plenty of times to trust their scoops, and combined with the fact that people were just plucking character names out of thin air when they saw his unnamed character in unauthorised set pics? it?s always been highly unlikely that he was Olsen.

Due to the fact the actor was seen on set wearing green socks, speculation was rife (as it always is) as to what the final purpose of that was, whether he was going to have metal legs à la Metallo or what have you ? and it?s turned out that he?ll be playing a wheelchair-bound survivor of Zod?s attacks on Metropolis (you can see him in the trailer, sat under the defaced statue of Superman).

Whilst he?s definitely not playing Olsen, Latino Review are yet to reveal the name of the character he actually is playing ? but they do claim to have the inside scoop on how his character figures into the story, along with what becomes of him. If you?d like to read all the spoiler-y details, click over to them here; be warned, if they are correct, this info gives away what looks to be a fairly major set-piece.

In other news, a new international TV spot for the film has hit the interwebs and at the vert least it has a new line of dialogue from Batfleck and a great shot of the back of Luthor?s head not seen before. Check it out below.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is released on 25th March.

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