Allegra?s Rolly-Up Pancakes


Unless you?re very deft with your pans, don?t try cooking more than one at a time. Just fling them out to the troops as soon as they?re ready, or keep them warm on a heatproof plate over a pan of gently simmering water.

Makes 10 or so
eggs 2
salt a pinch
plain flour 120g
milk 400ml
butter 50g, melted, plus a knob for frying

To serve
lemon and sugar
Nutella and banana (especially nice with a few chopped hazelnuts scattered on top)

Chuck everything into a bowl, whisk until smooth, cover with a tea towel and leave to stand for an hour. Melt the butter in a thin, shallow frying pan on a medium heat, and run it around the pan as it fizzles and melts.

Ladle in just enough batter to form a thin layer when you tilt the pan. When the pancake starts to brown around the edge, after a minute or two, give the pan a shake to check it?s moving freely (if not, slide your best flippy tool underneath to loosen it), then flip ? chances are you?ll have to sacrifice the first one for a cook?s snack.

The pancake will need even less time on the second side, so give it barely a minute, then tip out and get on with the next one; there should be no need to re-grease the pan between pancakes.

From ?Big Table, Busy Kitchen? by Allegra McEvedy, and published in the Observer Food Monthly ? original article here:

Photograph by Kate Whitaker for The Guardian.

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