Are you struggling working from home?

struggling to work from home

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Many of us now work at home. Born out of the desire to have more family time and a flexible schedule. One which means we can collect the kids from school and work hours that suit our families. Working from home is a fabulous thing to do, no more long commutes or being stuck in traffic, but it can also be challenging too. If you?re struggling to make your work from home dreams come true, here are some tips to help.




Working from home without losing your mind


1) Start work early

Wake up before your family, especially when you have creative things to do. More routine tasks can be done with half of your focus, but tasks like writing and working on new ideas and projects, are more successful when you are focused on them 100%.


2) Dress for the office

Clothes play such an important role in how we feel. If you?re working from home in your PJs the chances are you might find that you?re not as productive, as you would be in proper work clothes.


3) Schedule and plan your time

It?s so important to schedule the tasks you have to complete in any given time slot. Imagine you?re at work with a boss to report to and hold yourself accountable to certain tasks. Also plan the next day the night before, so you can hit the ground running and not waste valuable minutes. If you?re looking for tips to make you super productive and organised, you can still sign up for my FREE 5 day Productivity Challenge (kicks off 12th September!).


4) Create a dedicated ?office? space

Even if you don?t have an office or a desk, create a little space somewhere to work. Mine is in a certain place on the couch, as I have a unit beside me to store all my paper work.


5)  Take clear breaks

Taking breaks and ideally getting some fresh air, will keep your mind focused and prevent you being sucked in to the internet rabbit warren.


6) Close social media/non essential tabs

Multi-tasking is not the way to get things done. You need a strong focus on the task in hand, this means closing all non essential windows on your internet browser. If, like me, the thought of shutting them down to have to reopen then when needed is a pain, you can use use various apps and extensions that temporarily close them, bringing them back in one click!


7) Commit to doing more within your business

Parkinson?s law states ?A task expands to fit the time given for its completion?. When I first read this, it was a huge lightbulb moment for me. The concept is so true, we can do so much if we set our mind to it and commit to it. Say we are going to write one blog post in a day, then we will get it done, but it will take all day. If we say we will write two posts, we will do that too in the same time. So making a commitment to yourself to do more, will actually result in more productivity within the same amount of time as you are spending on the task anyway.


9) Use a timer

Creating mini deadlines putting yourself under a little pressure can be so useful. Try 15 mins of solid work, then 5 min break to do something in your home, 15 mins work on another task, followed again by a 5 minute break and keep repeating.


10) Silence your background noise

Your environment plays a huge part in your focus and productivity. When I was younger I hated silence. I revised for all of my exams with the TV on, as silence would leave me distracted, almost looking for some noise. Now that I am a mum and our house is never silent, I adore working in silence. So figure out whether you work best in silence or with a background noise, such as music.


11) Let go

Sometimes in order to give something more focus, you have to let go of something else. We can?t do it all. So just because you have always done task X outside the home, doesn?t mean you have to continue doing this. Your business is now important to you and you need to commit to that and your family.


Do you work from home? What tips do you have to stay on track?

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