Athleisure: Warming up to Premier Sportswear

Editors: Harry Bradbury and Keanu Adorable

The past few years has seen enough trends to make any man confused and unsure of what actually is ?trendy? there almost isn?t enough time for anything to remain ?trendy? until the next big thing comes along. The latest known to fashionistas and PR reps is the combination of active and casual-wear known as ?Athleisure?. Athleisure is looking like you?re coming from or going to the gym, whether or not (let?s assume not) you actually hit the treadmill in between. Perhaps mixing a track jacket with a suit, or a pair of sweatpants with a shirt jumper and a smart pair of shoes. The element that ensures it doesn?t look as thought its all been chucked together awkwardly is the fabric and fit.

Streetwear/ sportswear mixed with high end fashion is seen all over the streets and runways this year. The latest buzzword in fashion ?athleisure?, one of those ridiculous, made-up words that actually is perfectly descriptive. Whichever way you want to pronounce it there is no doubt that designers and retailers have been taking advantage of this sportswear prominence. Both parties have been producing clothes that fit a somewhat broad category of being appropriate for athletic or leisure pursuits, or both for that matter. Whether designers have just taken inspiration from sportswear and implemented that into their collections or created a completely new ?athleisure? line, its clear it?s a popular trend. This is evidenced by the sheer broad mixture of brands on websites such a ?Mr Porter?. You?ll see a £50 Nike t shirt in the same category as a £700 Gucci track top.

The point is really that the principal pieces of a mans wardrobe being flipped, elevated and updated ? to the point that, yes, it?s okay for you to wear sweats, joggers, hoodies and trainers in public. There have been a signifiicant increase in the number of brands that have taken this ?Athleisure? trend and incorporated it into their brand image and concept, we here are clothesmaketheman are have chosen a selective sportswear garments we think you can implement into your current wardrobe.

Ron Dorff

Paris- Stockholm based brand ?Ron Dorff? have created the ideal sportswear range this season mixing Swedish functionality with classic French elegance they?ve created some essential sportswear pieces of great fit and quality. They have this whole idea of clothes that perform whether worn at the gym, at home or on the street perfectly encapsulating this whole term ?Athleisure?.

These essential items are from their latest collection available at their website

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