Bags for a better TOM-morrow ? Tom?s new Bag collection

imageTOMS are a brand who really do give a damn, they are in the business to genuinely  improve lives. That means they identify global needs and wants, and create products to help address them. Their latest mission is to have the bag that you carry every day help our Giving Partners deliver the materials and training needed to help provide a safe birth.

Working with a network of Giving Partners, TOMS will help provide training for local birth attendants, along with vital materials, like soap, gloves, gauze, a cord clamp, surgical blade and a clean surface, to help a woman safely deliver her baby. The reasons for this is because 40 million women across the world give birth each year without the help of a trained birth attendant. With the training and the materials to provide a safe birth, mothers are 80% less likely to develop an infection and almost half of newborn deaths can be prevented.

imageThe brand supports a network of Giving Partners with maternal and child health programs, including the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), BRAC and AYZH. These Giving Partners provide materials and training for safe births in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Haiti and India.

The Collection is inspired by the handcrafted bags TOMS employees were bringing back to the office returning from trips in Latin America, South Asia and Africa after charitable work in these areas. The entire line reflects the ethos of these bags: hand-beading, rich materials, hand-woven embroidery and functional beauty ? while conveying our passion for everyday utility and our pledge to make a difference in the lives of others. TOMS Bags are offered in three distinct categories: Artisan, Travel Inspired Fashion, Campus & Tech.


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