#BritainsBrightestStreet ? Could it be your street?

building with green doors by Buzac MariusSunEdison are the world?s largest renewable energy development company and they are on the hunt for #BritainsBrightestStreet. They are looking for 5 ? 20 households on the same street that want to save money whilst benefitting from solar energy.

BritMums, in a project sponsored by SunEdison, asked a group of handpicked bloggers to share why they thought knocking on their neighbours? doors to recruit them to use solar panels is such a good idea. Here?s what they said.

Tackling the cost of solar panels

Let?s face it, we?d all like to be greener but the costs can put us off ? or at least the perception of them. Our bloggers thought otherwise when it came to SunEdison?s solar panels. ?You can save up to 15% off your electricity bill,? explains Penny of Being Mrs C. ?You pay SunEdison a low quarterly fee for the electricity generated instead of paying a large upfront cost to buy the panels.?

SunEdison retains ownership of the panels but, because there are no start-up costs, this has brought solar energy within the grasp of ordinary householders. ?We have had some big household expenses over the past 12 months, with a new kitchen, new bathroom planned and a garage conversion so simply couldn?t stretch to solar panel installation too,? says Liz, Me and My Shadow. ?Or so we thought.?

?Six months down the line and we are very happy,? reports Marianne of Mari?s World. ?As the weather improved and the days lengthened so the amount of electricity we create increased.?

Relishing the environmental benefits

So, solar panels are potentially affordable but how much good can they do?

?Coal, oil and gas will not last forever. Where I worked in Costa Rica, they have had 12 months without using any fossil fuels for electricity. We can move forward in the UK home by home and street by street,? says Cerys of Rainy Day Mum.

We all recycle and try not to use our cars too much, could generating our own electricity be the next step? ?I?m trying to do my bit to help look after planet Earth for my children?s futures. Nowadays we have choices,? says Sparkles & Stretchmarks? Hayley.

Understanding solar panel installation

So, how does the scheme work?

Helen, of KiddyCharts, puts it succinctly: ?It is well worth choosing your installer carefully. SunEdison operates in 20 countries and when you sign up to their plan, you are granting them use of your roof to generate electricity for yourself and other customers; in exchange they provide you with cheaper energy bills.?

This represents a change of lifestyle

Furthermore, tweaks to the way you use your electricity can have a massive impact on your bills reports Janis of Really Kid Friendly.

?By maximising my ?self consumption? (using energy at the same time as I am generating energy? for example vacuuming at lunchtime) then I can keep doing all the stuff I need to do but still maximise my savings.? 

We love the community spirit

It seems to be a win-win situation then with both the environment and your family budget benefiting. But there?s more.

?Along with this savings, the street awarded #BritainsBrightestStreet can also nominate a local community project or a school that they think deserve free solar panels installed,? says Samantha of Happy Homebird. ?More community minded positivity and I can think of many, such as my son?s autism group that would benefit from energy savings.?

But time is running out: ?Submissions close on 6th of July,? says Jax of Making it up, ?and that might *sound* as if it?s a long way off, but it?s really not [if you?re going] to coordinate a whole bunch of your neighbours.?

So knock on some doors and you could cut your utility bills and save the planet besides.

Find out more about the SunEdison #BritainsBrightestStreet project.

Image by Buzac Marius

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