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Summer has finally arrived!

If I?m honest it is currently throwing it down as I type this, but I refuse to be swayed. It is summer.  I know this because I have actual tan / sunburn lines from being busy applying sun-cream to small humans and forgetting myself.

Congratulations is in order.

As I?m sure that many of you will have seen already, our lovely Victoria has welcomed her beautiful baby boy Rex into the world!  I?m sure that you?ll all join me in sending her and her gorgeous family our very best wishes and congratulations!

Victoria?s home will of course soon be filled with the gorgeous patter of tiny feet. In the meantime there will be precious newborn coos and giggles, along with some of the other familiar sounds of parenthood. 3 Little Buttons told us about her very own Sound Machine in this post, while The Squirmy Popple offered us her brilliant take on the classic ?Sound of Silence?.  Silence can quite literally be music to a parent?s ears at the end of a long day.  Muffin Top Mummy shared her hilarious bedtime battles over who?s turn it is to settle the baby.   Tim at Slouching Towards Thatcham however was desperate for more time in his own bed as he wrote another of his fantastic parodies: One more hour of sleep.

A time to celebrate, a time to reflect.

Speaking of daddies,  June was of course our chance to celebrate Fathers Day.  This chuckle filled rhyme from Clara and Carl offered up the giggles perfectly.  I hope that all of the dads out there had a very special day.

Many of us mums have also taken a moment to reflect this month and have written stunning and moving pieces to our children.  Mummy Mama Mum wrote a letter to her friend as a brand new mum.  Prabs at Absolutely Prabulous broke my heart with this piece which she wrote to her beautiful daughter for her thirteenth birthday.  If only we could push adulthood away just as Helen at Just Saying Mum wrote so perfectly here.

I?m a long way from the teen years yet with my two.  Although my first is about to start school in September and so I also took a moment to look back at The Mum I Thought I?d Be.  The truth is that parenthood rarely turns out quite the way we expect it to.  Fancypaper captured the reality brilliantly with: As Parents, We Sometimes, and as Mom Of Two Little Girls explained: Change Comes Calling Eventually.

Writing heals.

Writing and poetry can be a true form of therapy for so many of us, and I think that we can sometimes find it easier to share our feelings through the written word. This poem about anxiety by Diary of an Imperfect Mum really struck a chord with me.  Jo?s Writing Space shared a deeply personal piece with her heartbreaking poem: Woman.  Sometimes life leaves us feeling broken, but times change and all challenges are only ever for now.  Mummy Here and There has asked: ?Wait For Me? , whilst Bards for Babes bravely gave us her poignant poem Rainbow Baby.  Colour featured in many forms as part of Mum Turned Mom?s creative linky ?The Prompt?.  Her own piece on Colour had me both enthralled and enchanted.

I couldn?t reflect on the last few weeks without mentioning the tragic events which have recently happened in our country.  My heart goes out to the loved ones of all those that have been devastatingly lost in Manchester and London.  The one thing that gives me hope is the incredible strength and support that our communities have shown following each of these atrocities.  The blogging community has also stood forward with powerful posts like this from Cara L Mckee.  As a parent it is hard not to feel terrified and overwhelmed by these events.  I?m absolutely with So Happy In Town and her piece: This Is What I?d Like To Do: A Dedication.

Time to look forward.

Each day brings new opportunities for change, and this empowering piece by my co-editor Victoria is perfect for this round-up.  Her new family is now welcoming in it?s precious new arrival.  As such I will be stepping in with the round up in early August whilst she is away.  Please do tweet me your poetry and prose posts @rhymingwithwine.  I?ll look forward to reading!

In the meantime it?s time to enjoy the summer.  (Lisa?s Life captures the essence of summertime so perfectly here).  Soak in the sunshine, feel the music as Carol at Virtually All Sorts tells us, and dance.

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