Captain America: Civil War: 9 Most Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Proves Iron Man Will Die

Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, corpse.


Someone is going to die in Captain America: Civil War. Marvel have been pretty tightlipped about their big superhero showdown, but that?s something we can be pretty damn certain about; it is a war, after all, and they can?t expect us to buy into the conflict without something at stake (especially now endless slew of death fake-outs in MCU films has gone from eye-rolling cliche to major irritation)

So, who?s it going to be? The trailers have really pushed War Machine as a candidate, showing him shot down and injured in three different clips, although that?s all so avert it if anything guarantees he?ll make it safely to the end. Killing Black Widow would enrage too many people, while getting rid of Hawkeye wouldn?t affect enough. Ant-Man, Black Panther and Spider-Man all have their own movies coming up, so they?re safe. Sebastian Stan has a nine movie deal and very important character, so it?s the same with him. I guess it could be Scarlet Witch or Vision, but they?re not developed enough yet and have so much potential it?d be a foolish move. And I definitely don?t think Steve Rogers will go either (but I?ll get to that later).

Hold on, then that means the person who?ll die is? Iron Man?

Sounds ridiculous, but there?s actually a lot more evidence than just the process of elimination. Here?s the most convincing evidence why Tony Stark isn?t long for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

SPOILERS for Batman V Superman and, if I?m right, Captain America: Civil War.

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