Cowardly Cameron claimed TV debates are the ?right? of voters

David Cameron cowardly lion

Image: Max Shanly

David Cameron attempting to blame broadcasters for his own cowardice on TV debates was never a good idea. Lo and behold embarrassing clips have suddenly emerged from 2010 archives, when he was ?absolutely delighted? by debates which were the ?right? of voters:

?I?m absolutely delighted that this is happening.

?I think people have got a right to see the people putting themselves forward as our next prime minister and to see the choice ? and make up their own mind.

And again facing then PM Gordon Brown across the despatch box:

?Does the Prime Minister agree that the time for live television debates at general election times has now come?

?Will he agree to hold television debates with the leaders of the main political parties so that people can see us discuss the issues, the policies and challenges for the future of this country?

Bwaaaak bwaaaaak!

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