Disgruntled Game Of Thrones Fans Take Down “The Door’s” Theatre Scene


HBOGod bless Reddit. As a strange majority of the Game Of Thrones world is taking a break from crying inconsolably about Hodor to talk about the full frontal male nudity in The Door, a hilarious minority have taken to Reddit to discuss the real issues with the explosive last episode of season 6.

This merry band will not sit back and allow the Braavos Community Theatre to get away with their crimes against history and drama (and nipples, obviously).

The original post brilliantly took down the play’s plot-holes:

First, King Robert?s novelty intestines are clearly outside of his body, yet he?s able to produce several exaggerated farts.
Second, how is Tyrion supposed to wed Sansa, if, by the end of the play, Sansa is still technically engaged to Joffrey? Umm, okay, so I know the play is the play and the show is the show, but that?s just lazy writing.
I officially CAN?T EVEN with the scriptwriters for this theatrical troupe anymore.

And from there it’s spiralled. Talk has turned to the ridiculously meta conflict between playwatchers and show-watchers and book-readers, Tyrion’s face scar being historically inaccurate and the play being a self-mocking allegory for the show itself.

Obviously, the largest single topic seems to have been the difference between the actress playing Sansa’s nipples on stage and backstage and the theory of a body double being used. Or two. Obviously, because this is still the Internet…

Game Of Thrones Nipplegate HBO

It was a great moment in the episode (the play, not just the nipples), and there was almost certainly some self-mocking in there. Fingers crossed we get to see the whole of season 2 distilled into another fart-frenzy in the next episode.

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