Doctor Who: 10 Best Baddies Of NuWho

Please save me from the monsters.


The Doctor would be nothing without the never ending plethora of adversaries that he?s encountering on a weekly basis. OK, well maybe ?nothing? is a bit extreme, but he?d certainly have a lot more spare time and the chances are the show itself would subsequently be pretty boring for the rest of us.

Because just what is Doctor Who without its ever growing menagerie of malevolent monsters? They?re the formidable foes we love to hate and it?s safe to say that that the human race has seen its fair share of extraterrerstial excursions since our beloved Time Lord?s triumphant return to our screens back in 2005.

Always one to honour its own legacy, the show has welcomed back various villains from its past to give them a much needed 21st century makeover but let?s not forget all of the new beasties that have been introduced to us over the last decade of timey-wimey fun and jollity. There?s been some pretty impressive ones (Slitheen notwithstanding) and they?re sure to stand the test of time as some of sci-fi?s most coveted creature creations.

As such, here are the 10 best Doctor Who baddies of the revived series so far because WhoCulture is all about sharing the scares. And guess what? There ain?t a Dalek or Cyberman in sight!

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