Easy Pikachu Craft for Pokémon Lovers

So we have been havig a bit of fun with Origami lately? and had a go at some ADORABLE Origami Bunnies ? super cute and easy to make. And as we made a rainbow set of them? the yellow paper bunny suddenly started looking a lot like Pikachu from Pokémon!!! So we made another yellow paper bunny.. check Pikachu?s facial characteristics (big black eyes, little nose, squiggly month and big round cheeks) and suddenly thought: what a great Pokémon craft!!!!! So simple to do as well! Literally takes seconds to fold and then a black and red pen and you are done. Red Ted is excited to ?show all his friends? at school. Hooray for Pikachu and Pokémon fans?

Pikachu Pokémon Craft

How to make a Pikachu Bunny

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Then get a black and red pen, add details ? such as ears, eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks and you have your very own easy Pikachu Pokémon craft!

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