Encouraging healthy eating in the elderly

grandfather and granddaughter eating

Emma?s Popa enjoys a meal with family and granddaughter

BritMums is an advocate for nutritional health if for the elderly working in partnership in a sponsored relationship with Abbott.

With an ageing population, this is an important issue the whole community needs to come together to tackle. Learning that 3 million people in the UK are affected by malnutrition is scary but as our bloggers discovered small steps can make a hugely positive difference to the health of our loved ones and neighbours.

Caring for a granny who?s had a fall

Tanya, who blogs at Mummy Barrow, told us how her poor Granny had a bad fall and was not found for some time. She has physical and emotional scars to heal. Tanya feels that good food including warming stews and lovely creamy rice puddings will help this process. Information from Abbott has made her really look into nutrition and she just wishes information on the power of food was more readily available from healthcare professionals.

One in three adults admitted into hospital are malnourished

Advocate for loved ones with the GP

Kaz? s from Ickle Pickle?s Life described how her Nan has also experienced a fall so her parents have gone to stay with her. Kaz feels better equipped to advise them on how to use good food to aid recovery. She urges us to ensure the GP is involved in knowing about your elderly loved ones nutrition with a referral to a dietician advised.

Avoiding Malnutrition in the Elderly

You can make changes now

Kate from Refined Prose shared top tips for eating well and encouraging those we love to do so. This is a must-read post and as she reminds us, it?s never too soon to start on the healthy lifestyle journey.

Correcting Malnutrition in the Elderly: Tips and Advice

table with fruit and eggs

High-protein foods like eggs are good for those with declining appetites. Image from Refined Prose


More people suffer from malnutrition than you think

Tayla from Motherhood the Real Deal is concerned about her Mum and has become an advocate for her nutritional health. She reminds us of the shocking statistic that approximately 1 in 10 people over the age of 65 are malnourished. The post is ultimately reassuring as it outlines steps we can take to make a positive difference.

#NourishYourMuscles: Spot the signs of malnutrition & take action

Looking out for the knock-on effect of muscle loss

Rishi from Mummy and the Cuties warns about muscle loss over the years even in someone like her dad who is quite active. Depression can also be a factor and exercise can help with this.

#NourishYourMuscles – How to protect you and your loved ones from Malnutrition

Meal suggestions for older loved ones

Emma gives us some helpful meal suggestions. She describes having a roast with her Popa and gives the great tip of plating up a second portion for the next day. These simple tips can make a huge difference to the welfare of our elderly relatives and friends.

Meal suggestions to #nourishyourmuscles

Malnutrition matters as it can lead to muscle loss, less mobility, slower healing, and longer and more frequent hospital stays.

You can check out useful information and advice for staying well on Abbott?s site. 

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