Expat Round-up: A new year

expats roundup of blog posts UKHappy happy New Year!   Sorry ? bit of a big break there in the Expat Round up,  caused mostly by the expected arrival of my third baby in the middle of October, and an unexpected hospital stay for me afterwards?  This was followed by countless guests we have had to stay since (14 in total!!) to meet the new arrival (and then for Christmas), which to be completely honest although lovely, left me with little time for anything else?  

The prospect of a hospital stay as a foreigner is something most expats probably don?t relish.  Even if you?re fluent in the language of your host country, compared to home there are definite differences in the way things are done (it turns out there?s a good reason why newborns here are given hospital Babygros during their stay ? they might not look amazing, but they have cleverly stitched in security tags inside!) and it can be a stressful time.   But (as my stay proved to me) it can also be a time to make you realise that people are generally good the world over, and I will remain ever grateful to the staff here whose kindness and expertise meant a lot when I felt incredibly vulnerable, and very far from home. 

And so, on to a New Year and new beginnings and all that?  There are lots of New Year?s Resolution Posts about the place as you might expect, and quite a few ?looking back/looking forward? posts too.  An English Mamma in Stockholm ponders a Word for the Year that we Expats all have to be from time to time, and Laura from Copenhagen Tales had me reminiscing about my ?old country? with her post Happy 2016?  

Brand new to this whole Expat thing is Louise, a blogger I have known for a few years now.  Her family took the plunge and moved to California back in September, and I found myself nodding along to some of the advice she gives in ?Ten Things A Brit Should Know Before Moving to Southern California?? There are a few points applicable here in Bavaria too?   

Monika from Mum on the Brink bought an Ambulance to convert to take them on many an adventure in their new country Sweden, which they moved to last week (happy unpacking!) and Holly from H2M&G closed a big chapter and repatriated to the US after a stint in London?  

Lots of Australian posts have caught my eye recently, especially this one from Upside Down Oz ? Yearning for Yesterday?s Yuletides ? although I am not as far away as she is from home, this is definitely how I felt during the Christmases we were away from the UK?  Do pop over to Tales of a Twin Mum who Retreats to Byron Bay after a first year in Oz, and I defy you to read LucyslifesLessons beautiful post ? Grandparents ? Love from Afar without leaky eyes?

Lou Messugo made me laugh with Birthday Parties in France and What Not to Do, and Drinking The Whole Bottle made me think about the various Lame Labels We Give Expats. 

And finally, I am going to leave you with this gorgeous post from Three Kinds of Sunshine ? ?Listening to the Sea? which sums up what must be a wonderful feeling when life suddenly makes sense, and you realise that the destination you have chosen (in her case Barbados lucky thing) is completely the right one?

Please leave any links you have to Expat Posts below and I promise to include them in February?s round up?

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About Emma Raphael

Emma Raphael left the UK for Copenhagen in 2009, with her ever-patient husband and two small children. Having enjoyed a couple of years in Scandinavia, Emma and her family found they enjoyed Expat life so much that they now reside in Munich ? where the pace of life is relaxed, her language skills are small, and the mountains and bier halls are very large. Being one half of a self-proclaimed foodie couple, Emma enjoys the new produce and restaurants in each new country she resides in, and has made it her mission to convince people that English food no longer deserves the bad rap it once had. She can be found in the kitchen when she?s feeling homesick, trying to recreate comfort food from home. She also has huge passions for travel, photography, art, wine, gardening (although according to her Bavarian neighbours, she?s not much good at that!) and her family (of course)!

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