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NASCAR, Fontana, 2015In the round-up: Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery says F1 should learn from how NASCAR promotes its drivers.


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Paul Hembery: F1 drivers need to be kings as fans want heroes (The Guardian)

“In NASCAR the driver is the king. Even the guy at the bottom is a superstar with a multi-million dollar contract. I would love to see our drivers held in that esteem.”

Christian Horner’s plan for a wind tunnel ban is foolish – Ferrari (ESPN)

“That would be an extremely foolish direction for the sport to take.”

Renault took a ‘massive step’ – Key (Autosport)

“I have to say Renault has made a massive step compared to Melbourne.”

Bottas over worst of it with back injury ? Williams (Crash)

“He has done 56 laps in intense heat in Malaysia, some reasonably high braking events around this circuit, running at a multiple stop race – so pushing for the whole race – and he hasn’t encountered any problems. That is good.”


Comment of the day

Toyota, Silverstone, World Endurance Championship, 2014Friday?s article about grid girls prompted some passionately-argued opinions from different sides of the debate:

I?m a female engineer and work in the F1 industry. I don?t particularly have a problem with grid girls and I certainly never thought that F1 was not for me because of them. I think what was more important for me growing up is that my family and teachers never tried to push me towards ?typically female? roles and instead encouraged my love of maths and physics.

However, I had a friend who used to do promotions for various events (not F1 but along similar lines of being paid to smile and look pretty at a launch party or something or other.) It looked like a lot of fun from the photos I saw. When I asked her about it she said that while the money was good and she needed it as a student they were treated really badly and she stopped doing the events as soon as she could afford to. It was long hours, often with no breaks and they were pretty much treated like meat. She said she had to deal with a lot of crap from guys who thought that as she was the skimpily dressed event babe that entitled them to something?

If you look at the modelling industry there?s also a huge problem of abuse and with very young vulnerable girls being involved due to the fact that unfortunately a 14-year-old is often seen by the fashion industry to have a more ideal female figure than a 24-year-old, something that doesn?t happen with men.

I agree that people should be able to choose what they want to do with their lives and in some ways it?s unfair that an attractive women can do perfectly well being a model or a WAG while men don?t generally have that option. I?m sure some women really enjoy being paid to stand around and look pretty as well and they probably have a lot of fun at some events. However, what concerns me is that modelling and doing promotions is sold as this glamorous party lifestyle while often the reality is often very different.

So while I don?t have an issue with grid girls per se it?s what they stand for that worries me ? you can make a good living as a young attractive woman but you?re certainly not being employed for your brains or personality so don?t expect to be treated like you have either. It?s not about being PC, it?s about how we value people and the roles that we want our children to see as aspirational. It?s for that reason that I think grid girls have had their day. To the men on here who are in favour for keeping them I?d ask this one question, if you have a daughter would you be happy to see her as a grid girl?

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