F1 enjoys best season-opening race since 2009 | 2016 Australian Grand Prix Rate the Race result

Formula One enjoyed its best season-opening race for seven years according to F1 Fanatic readers.

The Australian Grand Prix received an average rating of 7.757 out of ten, the highest score for the first race of a new season since the 2009 race at the same track.

The weekend got off to an unpromising start on Saturday when the new qualifying format was widely criticised. But a race of unpredictable twists ? including the Ferrari pair taking the lead at the start, a stoppage due to Fernando Alonso?s enormous crash and Romain Grosjean?s shock run to sixth for Haas ? made for a memorable race.

Here?s what you made of it:

Take that F1 naysayers! What a race: fight for the win, Toro Rosso scrapping like hell and points for Grosjean and Haas! Utterly perfect!

Amazing start, kind of ruined by strategical errors but great recovery by both Mercedes driver. Love the new tyre rules. If this continues I?m sure we?re in for an exciting season ahead.
Adam (@Adamgoh)

I was at the track and they showed Alonso walking away from the car first so we knew he was OK. Then they showed the car and the crash and I was so thankful by then that I knew he was OK. Haven?t seen a wreck like that in a long time.

Aside from that, what a fantastic race! Passes for the lead on track, overtakes a plenty, team mate scrapping and a thrilling end to see if Ricciardo might be able to pull something out of the hat.

Fun to see real racing again. We didn?t have rain to mix things up, instead there was a red flag, some reliability issues and varied tyre strategies.

Haas were way better than they qualified, Toro Rosso were way worse, so plenty to keep me awake in the wee hours.

Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Albert Park, 2016Ferrari paid the price for sticking with super-softsDid the new tyre rules made a difference? The mid-race interruption made it difficult to say for sure:

An average race, flattered by Mercedes? bad starts. Strategy will always be frustrated by a red flag, so it made seeing them unfold much less exciting.

There were a couple of good battles, and the results are nice for Haas, especially. Ricciardo also did well for his home crowd. Unfortunately Ferrari fails itself and the fans with a first race retirement and dubious strategy.

The less restricted tyre choice can add a bit of fun, especially with a safety car/red flag in the mix, but unfortunately that went the wrong way at the front today and turned a fight for the win between Vettel and Rosberg into a fight for second between Hamilton and Vettel.

A bit worrying sight for the season were faster cars on faster tyres hardly being able to follow/overtake even on a track like Albert Park. That said, Ferrari is closer to Mercedes in race pace, there is a good, big, tightly packed midfield including a new team. It?s good.
Sven (@Crammond)

it was a good race, lots of positives. Great start for the Ferraris and bad start for Mercedes gave us a good prospect for a fight. Also, Wehrlein getting 14th at start, well done. So the first part had a lot of good things.

Slightly disappointing to see how hard it still can be to overtake, though too much of that isn?t good either ? DRS not being too powerful was a positive. Palmer also had a good race, Grosjean drove a very solid, mature race to get Haas good points in their first race. The red flag gave Mercedes an opportunity and they took it, while Ferrari let theirs go to waste, after having already showed Raikkonen is a rear-gunner only, so I guess good they aren?t the dominant team. Still, they are a lot closer, which is good.

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