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Red Bull, Shanghai, 2015In the round-up: Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn says the future governance of Formula One is central to whether the engine manufacturer continues to compete.


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Renault’s F1 future in doubt as it ups Formula E investment (Auto Express)

“It’s not only down to us, it’s down to the organisers. We want to see how the governance of Formula One changes.”

Wolff: F1 criticism has to stop (Autosport)

“By constantly picking the negatives we have got ourselves into a spiral of negative controversy. I don’t think this is what is good for Formula 1.”

In conversation – Bernie Ecclestone and Max Verstappen (F1)

“The most stupid thing that could have happened to F1 is these engines. These are no longer engines in fact.”

Nelson Piquet jnr seals Formula E title (The Telegraph)

“Asked how it felt after the ?crashgate? scandal which disgraced his career, Piquet joked: ‘Great question, thanks. It was a long time ago.'”

Not just Bottas on Ferrari’s short list – Arrivabene (F1i)

“If I gave you the list of drivers who have called me since the start of the season, Bottas is just one of many.”

Mark Webber opens up on Ann Neal, the driving force behind his spectacular Formula One racing career (ABC)

“‘I think Mark came out of his F1 career with his head held high. That was more important than winning the title. I think is code of ethics, his sportsmanship, was actually far more important,’ said Neal, who was never happy with the actions of his Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel.”


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Congratulations to @Nemo87 who won this week?s Caption Competition:

Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Red Bull Ring, 2015

Look, see? Mark Webber still came second.

Thanks to everyone who joined in this week, especially @Robbie, Tom Gawthorne, @Bullmello and @Theflyingfinns who also made some of the best suggestions.

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Alan Jones won the French Grand Prix at Paul Ricard on this day 35 years ago, he and his Williams team drawing satisfaction from beating rivals Ligier on their home ground.

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