Father?s Day Gift Guide 2017 #ad

?I love present shopping for my dad, he?s just so easy to buy for? ? not a phrase you hear often. Once you get past the stage where your father is likely to be delighted by a finger-painted card or icing-splattered fairy cake, choosing something that he needs and likes becomes more of a challenge. Never fear: Britmums has done some browsing for you for our Father?s Day Gift Guide, sponsored by Braun.

Here?s a list of gifts for dad that might have you telling yourself it was just too easy:

  1. The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3080s ? £139.99

Braun Series 3 Pro Skin

No matter how tough and manly our fathers can be, they have a sensitive side. Sometimes that means their skin too. (And with the hipster lumberjack look finally on the wane, there?s more reason than ever to shave every day.) The Braun S3 ProSkin will make the daily shave a treat, without irritating skin because of two SensoFoilsTM adapting to every facial contour. It?s a wet and dry shaver and works with water, shaving foam or gel, for a faster, more comfortable shave. Its micro-comb technology makes for a speedy and nick-free experience. Plus, it?s engineered by Braun to be sleek and reliable.


  1. Personalised Lyrics Record Print ? £35

personalised record print

Even the grumpiest dad has a favourite song and the people at Yours For Keeps will turn that tune ? whether it is a Brian Jonestown Massacre limited release B-side or How Much Is That Doggy in the Window? ? into a very cool framed print complete with a personalised message should you want it.


  1. Chorizo Making Kit ? £14.50

chorizo making kit

No sniggering at the back but is there any more male food than sausages? Over the past few years, the British shopping basket has seen the introduction of merguez, morcilla and the now-staple chorizo varieties has been man-heaven. This gift lets Dad get his hands dirty, in a tasty way, so the family can sit down to a sausages he?s made himself. This chorizo kit includes all the speciality ingredients a cook needs but allows the ability to tailor the spices. Whether your father loves mild and aromatic or hair-on-fire spicy, he can tailor the chorizo to his individual palate.



  1. Lego Mini Figure ? £5

I heart Dad Lego figure

You never grow out of Lego ? fact. Get your favourite Lego figurine and have a ?I [heart] Dad? message printed on its t-shirt. There are some hair choices available to make it look (a tiny bit) like the gift-giver. An ideal whimsical gift that tells him how you feel.


  1. Smartphone Projector ? £15.99

Smartphone projector

This is a genius idea ? no more crowding around a 4-inch screen trying to make out the latest upload or adorable clip of from the last bank holiday getaway. Now the watching of all things YouTube can be transformed into a quasi-cinematic experience with this simple-to-assemble kit. 


  1. Kebab Rotisserie ? £79.99

kebab rotisserie grill

Can a kebab count as a healthy treat? This rotisserie set can cook a mean shawarma but can also roast a chicken or grill fish or vegetable with a focus on healthy eating. Timers allow you to leave the food to be cooked to your own preference and the fat is largely drained away, making it much better than a takeaway. And what dad doesn?t love a good cooking gadget?



  1. Wallet Ninja ? £5.49

Wallet Ninja

Dad is always ready for everything. You can make that easier than ever with the Wallet Ninja. It combines screwdriver, spanner, bottle-opener, letter-opener, phone stand and vegetable peeler in an object not much larger than a credit card. It can also be taken on aeroplanes, unlike a multi-purpose pocket knife.



  1. The Descent of Man ? £6.99

The Descent of Man by Grayson Perry

Our favourite transvestite potter, Grayson Perry, questions the meaning of masculinity in this witty and thought-provoking book. What makes a man ? and is it any fun being one? The thinking man?s Father?s Day book.



  1. Knuckleduster Mug ? £12.00

Knuckle Duster Mug

There?s not a dad in the world who has too few mugs but, for those not needing to muse on the meaning of masculinity, this unapologetically macho mug is spot on. Delivering caffeine with attitude.


  1. Cassette Tape Coaster ? £11.95

retro coaster

The vinyl revival is cool ? but there?s something evocative about the cassette tape, the source of mix tapes, bootlegs and great memories. For those with fond memories of unspooling metres of plastic tape from the innards of their cassette deck, this oak coaster which can be customised with its own message that will complete the nostalgia fest.


This is a paid post sponsored by Braun. The Braun product is featured on behalf of the sponsor. Other items are chosen by the BritMums team.

What will you be doing for Dad on Father?s Day?

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