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When we talk about financial matters it can encompass many things. Some are complex when it comes to dealing with stocks, shares and tax planning. For other monetary issues we can?t escape them as they are part of our everyday lives.  So this month we?re focusing on all the financial things that make up our lives however ordinary we try to make it!

Anybody who has ever bought a house will know it is one of the most stressful and frustrating things to go through. It?s also probably the most expensive thing you are ever going to buy. Donna from The London Mum has been sharing her tips for buying house using her experience as a buy-to-let investor.

If there?s one subject that sure to split opinion and that?s whether you should take your kids out of school in order to have a family. The main reason behind such decisions is that holidays in term-time can be around a third of the price than if you go in the holidays. With three children now and one in school Sarah from Loving Life with Little Ones has been looking into ways of being able to afford have a family holiday in the school holidays.

Many of us would like to stop time and have our children frozen at a certain age. Sadly though we can?t stop them growing up and financial independence is one thing we have deal with. Gone are the days where kids used to save up their pocket money and then count it out at the till. Now they want to buy things online to get the best deals or to download music and games. Lucy at The Parent Game has been trialing with her son a new debit card designed for children aged 8-18. A parent tops it up but then the child is able to use themselves in shops and online. 

If your house is anything like mine then it will be filled with books, DVDs, CDs and games. It can be tempting when doing a clear out just to chuck them out or give them away. If you go through how much this pile of stuff has cost you over the years you?ll be wanting to get some money back on it. Jessica over at Babi a Fi has been looking at trade-in sites and seeing which one she thinks is the best.

The days of receiving a paper bank statement may be long gone for a lot of people.  That doesn?t give you an excuse not to regularly look through your bank account. Cass from Diary of a Frugal Family tells us why it?s important to keep a check on those missing payments and overspending on coffee.

Last for this month is simply about spending but trying to spend less. So much of what we buy these days is online and Lynn from Savings Advice tells us her tips on how to use online voucher codes to our advantage. You?ll never buy another item online again without checking for a discount first.

That brings a close to March and by the time we go live with April?s round-up the new tax year will have started. Are your finances in order? Have you checked next year?s allowances yet? If you want to feature in a future finance round-up contact me via Twitter or through my Facebook page.

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