Frequencies makes waves on digital platforms and DVD

The idea of people emitting good and bad vibes gets a Shakespearian twist with the latest cinematic effort by filmmaker Darren Paul Fisher (Inbetweeners).  Frequencies (2013) revolves around a dystopian world where people who have an inherent ability to be at the right placed at right time are valued more than those destined to be cursed with bad luck.

Theories of knowledge, destiny and free will are explored in the tale which is a kindred spirit to Never Let Me Go (2010), Gattaca (1997), Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind (2004) and Romeo and Juliet.  ?We?re billing it as the world?s first scientific-philosophical romance but the film is equally concerned with all three elements,? stated Darren Paul Fisher in the official production notes for the British independent production.   ?I wanted to go for an alternate ?now? where some things have been invented that don?t exist in our world and we have things that this fictional world has yet to discover. The idea is to end up with a patchwork of futuristic and anachronistic devices that imply not-quite-here and not-quite-now.?

Each of the three lead characters is portrayed by three different performers as they transition from child to teenager to adult.  ?Usually it?s just about who the best actor is ? which is difficult enough ? but here we had to ask ourselves, ?would an audience believe Actor A would grow up to be Actor B, and then Actor C??? noted Darren Paul Fischer Fisher.   ?The teen roles were especially hard to cast as they were the ?transitional? actor.?  36 speaking parts had to be filled with cast members including Daniel Fraser (Scar Tissue), Dylan Llewellyn (Down Dog), Charlie Rixon, Eleanor Wyld (Misfits), Georgina Minter Brown, Lily Laight (Love Rosie), Owen Pugh, Tom England, Ethan Turton, David Broughton-Davies (Shore), Emma  Powell (Felicia?s Journey), David Barnaby (Making Waves), and Timothy Block (The Keep).

girl blindfold

Frequencies gets the digital platform treatment on April 13, 2015 and DVD on April 20, 2015.