Game Of Thrones: 11 Actors We?d Love To See In Westeros

A Marvel madman, a Bond villain, and Boss Nass. HBO, make it happen.

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If you?re a young British actor looking to kickstart a career, Game of Thrones is your launchpad. Harry Potter was the 00s equivalent for turning millennials into stars, and now Thrones has taken up the mantle. Kit who? Emilia what? Unless you were a family member or confirmed stalker of either, you wouldn?t recognise the names Harington and Clarke pre-2011, and now they?ve rocketed into the Hollywood A-list.

Thrones loves to cast obscure actors and actresses, with Sean Bean being the one megastar involved before his inevitably bloody demise, simply because he?s Sean Bean. But as the series begins to take a slow meander towards the finish line, would HBO splash out on a huge name or two to star in the home straight? There are plenty of actors and actresses who fans would love to see in Game of Thrones ? no matter how slim the chances of them featuring actually are. Here?s a few?

11. Richard Armitage

New Line Cinema/Warner Bros.New Line Cinema/Warner Bros.

Saying The Hobbit received some mixed reviews is an understatement so huge it could be split into 2 ? no wait, best make it 3 ? parts. You could pick 10 people at random from a cinema screen and there?d be a total divide of hatred and love for the Lord of the Rings prequel trilogy.

But whatever you thought of the films, a highlight had to be Richard Armitage?s intense performance as Thorin. He?s previously stated interest in a Game of Thrones role, and would make a fine warrior for just about any faction in Westeros. I?m thinking a wildling commander role would be ideal.

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