Good Reads: Farewell to my daughter, shaking it off and iEverything

good readsI don?t know where the Christmas break went, but whilst you were busy enjoying the break from the alarm clock and trying to figure out where you were going to put all the new toys your children were lucky enough to receive, I have been scouring the internet for posts that will keep you reading all through tea-break time.

Starting with a very poignant post by Jean Gross in The Guardian: Farewell to my daughter Kate 

The Washington Post explains what it?s like to be the first generation of parents in the age of iEverything

The Long Run Blog asks when did we start hating big families? Via Emma and 3

Potty Diaries knows we all need to Shake It Off!

Make Me an Earth Mother tells us the things you should know about a playdate with us.

The Telegraph experts warn lying on Facebook profiles can implant false memories.

Domestic Goddesque is imposing age restrictions on her children. What would you add?

Vintage Zest has a tutorial on making Pinterest Cover Boards, found by Bug Bird Bee.

Merrily Me says Just Be Happy.

Typecast shared a post from The Guardian on the cognitive benefits of handwriting

Little E and Bean talks Feminism, and wanting more from Mummy Blogging

A Mother?s Ramblings shared Thought Catalog?s how to ruin your life without even noticing.

A Teenager?s View of Social Media is a fascinating read from Medium via Being Mrs C.

What the Redhead Said shares five resources that make blogging easier

So Bad Ass tells us why she?s giving up the razor.

Cambridge Mummy shared It?s Okay by Scarlett Curtis.

Brain Child Mag has a moving post from a mother who hopes that she buries her son before she dies.

Totally the Bomb has 100 ways to show your children love.

And finally Mammasaurus urges us to blog your way in 2015.

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