Halloween Series Gets ?Recalibrated?

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A few years back now, when the notion of a ?remake ?was sounding really tired, the Hollywood machine invented the notion of ?reboots.? Then came reimaginings ? Planet of the Apes was the first time I saw that idea being bandied around; and had people not been so afraid of more esoteric terms, redux might caught on.

But now, a new Halloween film is being called a ?recalibration.? I shudder at the thought of this catching on.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have been hired to write a new Halloween script that is ?not a remake, not a reboot, and not a reimagining.? Taking this absolutely literally, the suggestion is that the new film will actually be a sequel ? hardly a new idea ? just one that shifts the series? priorities.

Maybe the recalibration will be vague or slight. Or, on the other hand, I wouldn?t be surprised to see Michael finally made into an unambiguously supernatural figure. Or maybe the plan is bigger, and Melton and Dunstan will be busy ?recalibrating? Michael Myers out of the picture altogether. That wouldn?t be unprecedented in its daftness either.

In any case, there?s no director just yet, and no cast, and it sounds like Melton and Dunstan still have some work to do. Will the producers be able to get this together for Halloween 2015? I?m not going to bet on it.

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