Hannibal Spoilers: 10 Most Exciting Moments Still To Come

What?s on Hannibal?s menu in the upcoming seasons?


NBC?s Hannibal is the most elegant show about serial killers out there: it?s well written, has a fantastic cast, and is renowned for its visual style.

Originally envisioned as a prequel to Thomas Harris? Hannibal Lecter series, Hannibal?s developer Bryan Fuller instead decided that the show would be both an adaptation and re-imagining of the novels. The first two seasons of Hannibal set the stage for future events by showing Will Graham, Dr. Lecter, and Mason Verger?s back-stories, and fans have been feverishly lapping it up.

But Fuller has confirmed that from season three onwards, the series will adapt the novels themselves. Red Dragon, The Silence Of The Lambs, Hannibal, and presumably even Hannibal Rising will soon be reworked for television, and with them fans will see some of their favourite franchise characters and moments on TV for the first time.

That?s not to say the series doesn?t already have its fair share of memorable moments. Whether it be the dead body totem pole, Beverly Katz?s death, the ?Red Dinner?, or some dogs enjoying Mason Verger?s face for breakfast, the series is full of unforgettable events, and that number of events will only from. The following ten moments are guaranteed to happen, and hopefully each one will live up to the precedent set by what has already been.

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