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home and design round upI have some great home inspiration to share with you this month, home and design lovers. Some great home makeovers and inspiration, as well as a few great ideas I spotted over on Instagram.

A fantastic kids room project from the Growing Spaces blog is up first.  In order to maximise floor space, this post shows us how Heather made Fonz, her son a very cool plywood fold-away desk, an absolutely brilliant idea. Plywood is an interesting trend in interiors, and this blogger has used it in two ways, with a climbing wall too. I wish I?d had one of those growing up!

Another great post is this one from Emily ? A Mummy Too, as she showcases her Monochrome bedroom.  I love everything about this, but especially the artwork that she has chosen, which I think really pulls the look together perfectly. She?s topped it off with gorgeous new bed linens, I can see why this is her favourite room makeover to date, it looks and feels like a calm and peaceful room.

Next up is this bathroom makeover from Cake Junki. I love how she has done this clever refurb on a budget, by still using some of the existing elements of her bathroom that were in good condition, but has completely changed the feel and look of the room.  The feature she has made of the circular window works brilliantly, I can imagine it was a hard work tilling it, but well worth the extra effort.

I keep spotting more and more home ideas on Instagram too, from decluttering with Becky Goddard-Hill, as she rids her home of clutter.  She photographs everyday, the 10 items she is clearing out of her house.  You can find out more by searching the hashtag #10by10am. As well as another project called #theeverydayspruce, where people are sharing photographs of small areas of their homes that they have styled and spruced up.
I am just a little obsessed with house plants and how they can change the feel of your home at the moment. You can see my post on my love of cactus here, and I have been collecting images on this pinterest board too.  Instagram is also a great source of inspiration for this, and you can see so many amazing ideas and images by following just one of the many hashtags that covers indoor gardening as I like to call it with #UrbanJungleBloggers.

That?s it for this month, but if you would like to be feature, then please contact me (@gidders1) as I absolutely love looking at all of your home posts.

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